Dr. Hong Tao-Tze’s contribution to peace culture highly recognized

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May 25, 2017

In the time when international situation is in chaos, world peace is not just a dream, but a goal that persons of noble aspirations around the globe are calling on. In November 2017, the 18th International Conference of Chief Justice will be held in Lucknow, India. Sponsor of the conference, Dr. Jagdish Ganhdi, personally write a letter of invitation to Tai Ji Men Zhang-Men-Ren, Dr. Hong Tao-Tze. Dr. Hong is the only person in Taiwan who had been invited in the past ten consecutive years since 2007. Dr. Jagdish Gandhi also hope very much that the Bell of World Love and Peace can also be present in the conference. He said: “ It would be nice if you could bring the Bell of World Peace to Lucknow, like in previous years, so that the guests can share in the prayers for peace, prosperity and harmony in the world.”

Since 2001 the International Conference of Chief Justice of the world has welcomed more than 780 participants of chief justices, judges and esteemed legal professionals from 114 nations. The conference has been devoted to the agendas of peace culture, rule of law, human rights and sustainable development and become one of the major events in global legal profession. Last year, Tai Ji Men Zhang-Men-Ren and President of the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL), Dr. Hong Tao-Tze, led a Goodwill Culture Group to attend the conference. In the opening ceremony, sponsor of the conference asked Dr. Hong to deliver a speech and host the ceremony of ringing the Bell of World Peace and Love. In the ceremony, 9 elite leaders rang the Bell including 7 current and former heads of states from South Africa, Mauritius, Tuvalu, Croatia, Guyana, and Sudan, and the Minister of Justice India, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, and the Speaker of the North Province Parliament of India, Mr. Mata Prasad Pandey. The bell-ringers have made their wishes for peace and will be committed to a world of wellbeing through collective efforts of world leaders.

Dr. Jagdish Gandhi spoke highly of Dr. Hong’s effort to make possible the strong bond between FOWPAL and NGOs, and the contribution to peace culture. Dr. Gandhi mentioned in his letter to Dr. Hong that [Nelson Mandela said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Only a holistic approach serves to prevent conflicts and wars, while restoring positive energies to alleviating the destructive powers of natural disasters and other man-made calamities, and that the ultimate aim is to elevate the total well-being of the human race.

To emphasize the importance to establish a sacred civilization, Dr. Jagdish Gandhi mentioned: “I believe that a modern school must try to establish Divine Civilization on earth in place of rapidly increasing disunited, inhuman, lawless, unjust and satanic civilization and to do so we must explore the 3 unexplored fields of (1) Education, (2) Religion and (3) Law, Order & Justice.”.

Dr. Jagdish Gandhi said that Law, Order and Justice must ensure equality of men and women and the harmony of science and religion. The basic purpose of all religions is to safeguard the interests and promote the unity of human race, to foster the spirit of love and fellowship amongst mankind. He is deeply concerned about the possible war breakout: "There is an urgent need to safeguard the future of the world’s over 2 billion children and generations yet-to-be-born, whose future has become progressively more insecure and unprotected during the past seven decades since the bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki and the recent spread of international terrorism, global warming, environmental degradation, manufacturing and stockpiling of deadliest weapons of mass destruction, fear of a Third World War and nuclear holocaust."

Dr. Hong Tao-Tze, having been invited nine times and attended the conference seven times, provided many suggestions in the conference, which inspired enthusiastic responses. In his speech in the opening ceremony of the 2016 Conference, Dr. Hong said that: “ The three elements of happiness and sustainability are conscience, rule of law, and human rights. Love, kindness, and harmony born out of conscience is the key to the planet’s sustainable development . However advanced technology and economic development may be, if there is no peace, security, or happiness in the world, we will end up with nothing. Any tangible material construction will eventually deteriorate and collapse. However, the development of conscience-driven values is eternal, and their impacts will persist throughout generations. Judges are human beings, not gods. Therefore, judgments should be fair and just, based on conscience." For many years, Dr. Hong promoted the Movement of an Era of Conscience, the Declaration of World Citizen, and the Declaration of Taxpayer’s Human Rights in the conference and developed strong friendship with Dr. Jagdish Gandhi. Despite of the far distances between the two, their frequent correspondences have connected the two hearts together to continue the peace endeavors around the world.

This year, the organization committee of the conference also wishes that the Bell of World Love and Peace be present. The bell made its first appearance in India in 2008, where leaders of the legal professions were invited to ring the bell. The Bell of World Love and Peace weights 240 kilograms. Top of the bell is carved the “Declaration of World Love and Peace”, which symbolizes the profound meanings of prosperity, safety, and peace. The person who rang the bell made a promise of love and peace for himself, the world, and the future generations to come. The sound of the bell of peace, having been heard around the world, brings positive influences to the world at very crucial moment. As of today 288 heads of states and world leaders from 96 countries have rung the Bell of World Love and Peace, including 36 heads of states and governments, 8 Noble Prize Laureates, Ambassadors to the UN, and leaders of various professions.

In 2010, the Bell of World Love and Peace made its 2nd appearance in India. Dalai Lama rang the bell of peace and made his wish: “Real peace must be developed from within. As such it is important to quell the fire of hatred. That also has to come through education.” On December 10, the day of the International Human Rights Day, the Minister for Urban Development and Environment, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Nakul Dubey, awarded Dr. Hong Tao-Tze the most honorable Mahatma Gandhi Award in order to commend Dr. Hong for his contribution to promote a global understanding. The award is to honor Gandhi’s idea of “insistence on truth (satyagraha)”. For the past 11 years since the award was founded, only three persons in the world were granted the award. Dr. Hong is the first person in Taiwan to receive this award.

The City Montessori School is the largest school in the world with more than 50,000 students and teachers. The founder, Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, plays great emphasis on education. By holding emulated conferences of the United Nations, students learn to participate in international affairs, and to speak for their futures. The school has become the only school in the world which was awarded the UNESCO Peace Award. For a long time, the school continues to sponsor the International Conference of Chief Justice, to protect welfare of children, to unite the world through the discussion of laws to promote effective global governance, and to solve various serious issues facing us today.

The 18th International Conference of Chief Justice of the world will be held in November 2017. Dr. Hong respects and commends Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, the founder of the City Montessori School, for his outstanding contribution to the world. Regardless his old age, Dr. Gandhi continues to invite chief justices of the world to join the conference, and strive for the wellbeing of the school, for India, and for people around the world. Thus, in 2016, Dr. Hong presented Dr. Jagdish Gandhi the World Citizen Education Award to recognize his years’ of contribution to human rights of children and justice.

Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy