Performance of the Century “Back to the Origin” by Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy in 2017

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29 May 2017

The world is in a volatile and capricious state with instability, wars, moral degradation, environmental pollution and abnormal climate changes. Since its first appearance at Sydney Opera House, National Theatre and Concert Hall and Fox Theatre in the United States, Tai Ji Men is to deliver the thought-provoking cultural performance of “Back to the Origin” at Taoyuan Performance Center on 28th May to awaken the world with wisdom of Tai Ji culture inherited from a long history of thousands of years. Mayor of Taoyuan City, Cheng Wen-tsan, presented certificate of commendation at the Center at 2:30pm on 27th May to commend Dr. Hong Tao-tze, zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men, for his lifelong dedication to imparting the legacy of qigong and martials arts for a healthy mind and body, and the encouragement of a kind society. Mayor Cheng was particularly fond of “Back to the Origin” in that it passes on culture, purify the heart, and encourage a harmonious and conscience-based society.

Tai Ji Men is a traditional martial arts menpai, and for years, Dr. Hong led his disciples (dizi) to spread the message of love and peace through cultural exchanges in 71 countries across five continents. In particular, the popularity of An Era of Conscience Movement in 2014 received endorsement from people in 197 countries, forming a positive butterfly effect throughout the world. In this time of chaos, it is hoped that everyone can protect the conscience in their hearts, maintain balance and stability, and infuse positive energy into the world. In 2017, this contemporary version of “Back to the Origin” is directed by Dr. Hong; all the music, costumes, accessories and backgrounds are all produced by Dr. Hong and his dizi. The entire play entails the origin and destination of mankind, and gives us direction as to what our roles are in the flow of time. Who am I really? Life is like a play, and a play is like life. The inspiring performance evokes the deep memory and sensation in the depth of the viewers’ hearts with contrasts of the lures of the dark side of heart, the confrontation between good and evil, the hard choices of conscience and many more.

Taoyuan City is vibrant and full of hope, and also the first destination in Taiwan for international visitors. The fact that “Back to the Origin” is performed in Taoyuan is especially important. Mayor Cheng stated that Taoyuan City is indeed honored to serve this role. The performance was first conducted in Sydney Opera House in 2000 with music and script directed by Dr. Hong. Ancient wisdom is portrayed through modern performance. Major Cheng praised that Tai Ji Men is not only a place for qigong and healthy lifestyle, but also the awakening of culture, especially oriental wisdom. The awakening of culture can connect Taiwan to the world. Tai Ji Men also travelled to 71 countries in five continents, making Taiwan recognizable in the international arena. In particular, what is really touching is that the trips are all paid out of their own pockets. Tai Ji represents the origin of life, and yin-yang shows a dynamic balance. The positive energy within us will direct the state of the world. The performance presents us a key to a harmonious world.

“Back to the Origin” originated during 2000, when the world was focused on the Olympic Games held in Sydney. During the premier performance of “Night of Ancient Culture” at Sydney Opera House, the then Governor of New South Wales, Honorary Gordon Samuels, was deeply moved by the performance. He praised Tai Ji Men for understanding the deeds matching words and pointing the direction which human beings should travel. During the 2001 World Citizen Assembly, the “Night of Ancient Culture” was once again performed at the National Theatre and Concert Hall. The event truly portrayed the origin and evolution of all beings since the beginning, and how the nature of goodness and evil of the human heart can have an impact.

The contemporary version of the “Night of Ancient Culture” in 2017 - “Back to the Origin” can inspire mankind to contemplate and awaken their conscience. It helps us to understand the question of “Where do we come from? Where are we going?”. Where to find the self-salvation in the midst of challenging state of the world? The sound of the Bell of Peace will lead us to the path of brightness and towards goodness, kindness and betterment. May we all be committed to a better world and a better self.

Photo: Photograph of Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan with major actors in the “Back to the Origin” performance. The play portrays the origin and destination of our souls, and displays the temptation of the dark side of heart, the confrontation between good and evil, and the hard choices of conscience.toxic in our hearts, the struggle between good and evil, and the choice of conscience. It is truly inspiring.

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