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Kazakhstan: Businessman Alleges Torture

February 15, 2018
(Almaty) – Kazakh authorities should provide immediate medical assistance to a detained businessman who has alleged that he...

In crisis-torn eastern DR Congo, UN food relief agency expands operations to stem hunger

16 February 2018

Escalating violence, daunting logistical challenges and insufficient funding have prompted the United Nations food relief...

UN development agency remains committed to support Lebanon, says agency head

16 February 2018

Humanitarian Aid

Reverberations of the Syrian conflict – which has now lasted longer than World War II – are bei...

Korean nuclear crisis, Middle East quagmire eroding global security, UN chief tells Munich summit

16 February 2018

Peace and Security

A nuclear threat on the Korean Peninsula and a quagmire in the Middle East are “two qualitati...

New guidelines on global care standards during childbirth issued by UN health agency

15 February 2018


The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) has issued new guidelines on global care standards through...

Mali: $263 million sought to assist most vulnerable with humanitarian support, says UN relief official

15 February 2018

Humanitarian Aid

Aid agencies in Mali have launched the 2018 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP ), asking for $263 mill...

UN chief expresses ‘profound sadness’ at Florida gun massacre

15 February 2018

UN Affairs

Secretary-General António Guterres has expressed his profound sadness at the horrific gun massacre in Flo...

UN agency evacuates more than 1,000 refugees from Libya over past three months

15 February 2018

Migrants and Refugees

More than 1,000 highly vulnerable refugees have been evacuated out of Libya since November by...

Alarming gaps in reliable data leave 28 million uprooted children unprotected – UN

15 February 2018

Migrants and Refugees

There are “alarming holes” in the availability, reliability, timeliness and accessibility of t...

Without firm action on gender equality, women’s empowerment, world may miss development targets

14 February 2018


Without speedy progress on gender equality and real action to end pervasive discrimination against women and g...