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Security Council condemns reported slave trade of migrants in Libya

7 December 2017
The United Nations Security Council on Thursday condemned the slave trade of African migrants in Libya as “heinous human righ...

Conflicts, drought drive hunger despite strong global food supply – UN agriculture agency

7 December 2017
Despite strong global food supply, localized drought, flooding and protracted conflicts have intensified and perpetuated food...

Global cooperation vital to maximize benefits of migration, says UN envoy

7 December 2017
Commitment and cooperation from the global community is critical to maximize the benefits of migration and to overcome its ch...

‘Mission accomplished,’ president of UN tribunal for Former Yugoslavia tells Security Council

6 December 2017
After more than 24 years of operations, the United Nations tribunal set up to prosecute crimes committed during conflicts in...

Issue of Jerusalem must be resolved through direct negotiations between parties, UN chief stresses

6 December 2017
In the wake of the announcement by the United States President recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, United Nations...

Millions of babies, mostly in South Asia, risk brain damage from breathing toxic air, UNICEF warns

6 December 2017
Almost 17 million babies live in areas where air pollution is at least six times higher than international limits, causing th...

Myanmar: opium cultivation down 25 per cent, but conflict areas remain 'safe haven' for drug traders

6 December 2017
The total area of opium poppy cultivation in Myanmar has decreased significantly in 2017 to 41,000 hectares, down 25 per cent...

Donors make initial pledges of $857 million to fund UN refugee agency’s work in 2018

5 December 2017
Donor governments on Tuesday pledged an initial $857 million to fund the United Nations refugee agency’s work to help some 67...

Recognize migration’s positive impact, address its challenges in realistic way, urges senior UN official

4 December 2017
Noting that the movement of people across borders is a global reality, a senior United Nations official stressed that policy...

UN voices support for Somali Government’s efforts at first-ever security conference in Mogadishu

4 December 2017
At Somalia's first-ever security conference, hosted by the country’s Federal President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed “Farmaa...