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Urgent action needed to address rising global hunger, says UN agency head

4 December 2017
Immediate action is needed to address the rise in global hunger, the head of the United Nations food security agency has urge...

UN chief calls for end to all armed clashes, airstrikes in Yemen

3 December 2017
United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has called on the parties to the conflict in Yemen to cease all air and gro...

Remove physical and cultural barriers; build inclusive societies 'for, by and with persons with disabilities' – UN

3 December 2017
Persons with disabilities, as both beneficiaries and agents of change, can fast track the process towards inclusive and susta...

Saving Lives at Sea

Photo:Men dangle their legs off the side of an overcrowded rubber dinghy in international waters off Libya. October 11, 2017.

November 30, 2...

Yemen: As threat of famine looms, UN urges Saudi-led coalition to fully lift blockade of Red Sea ports

2 December 2017
Top officials from across the United Nations system called on Saturday for the Saudi-led coalition to fully lift its blockade...

Migration compact must balance regional, global realities, says UN envoy

1 December 2017
A Global Compact on migration has to be “truly global” but it also has to take into account the regional specificities given...

Media coverage frames public thinking on migrants and migration – UN report

1 December 2017
Changes in traditional media and growing use of social media are offering new avenues for “migrant-led” media and journalism...

Massive underfunding hampering relief efforts for the displaced in DRC and Zambia – UN agency

1 December 2017
With millions displaced within the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and thousands more forced to flee across the border...

UN agency to fly 15,000 migrants home from Libya in wake of reported abuses

1 December 2017
The United Nations migration agency plans to fly 15,000 more migrants home from detention centres in Libya before year-end in...

UN relief wing appeals for record $22.5 billion in aid for 2018

1 December 2017
A record level of aid funding – more than $22.5 billion – is needed to deliver lifesaving assistance around the world in 2018...