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Bahrain: Only Independent Newspaper Shut Down

Photo:Mansoor al-Jamri, chief editor of Al Wasat, an independent daily.

June 18, 2017
(Beirut) – Bahraini authorities on June 4, 2017,...

UNICEF-backed projects for millions of children in Syria on verge of being 'cut off'

Photo:UNICEF-supported trucks queue to fill their tanks with water from a group of wells rehabilitated and equipped by UNICEF, Damascus, Syria.

UN refugee agency urges sustained access as civilians flee Raqqa fighting

Photo:In the makeshift camp at Ain Issa a 12-year-old girl carries a jerrycan of water. She arrived with her family after a three-day journey from...

Ukraine: 750,000 children at risk of losing access to safe drinking water, warns UN

Photo:On 13 February 2017, first-grade students in eastern Ukraine, including 6-year-old Sasha (in red sweater), participate in a drill to practice...

How to Avoid a Bloodbath in Venezuela

Photo:Members of the National Guard open fire during an anti-government protest in Caracas, Venezuela. May 1, 2017.

June 15, 2017

'No limit' to cruelty of traffickers, says UN agency, as video surfaces of abused migrants in Libya

16 June 2017
Two United Nations agencies have voiced 'deep concern' for the safety of hundreds of migrants and refugees – including...

Independent UN probe reveals 'cruel and brutal nature' of human rights violations in Burundi

Photo:Thousands of people fleeing fear of violence in Burundi have arrived in Mahama Refugee Camp, Rwanda.

15 June 2017
A United Nat...

Yemen: As humanitarian crisis deepens, Security Council urges all parties to engage in peace talks

Photo:A young boy runs with his tyre past buildings damaged by airstrikes in Saada Old Town.

15 June 2017
Expressing grave concern ab...

UN expert urges 'bold action' to address raft of human rights abuses in Eritrea

Photo:Two young Eritreans wait to board a commercial ferry at Samos Island, Greece. Growing numbers of Eritreans are seeking asylum in Europe....

In Kabul, UN chief calls for peace and compassion

Photo:On the outskirts of the capital, Kabul, Mr. Guterres met with some of the 800,000 Afghans displaced by conflict in the last 18 months.