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Lack of jobs, money for rent, add to woes in conflict-affected eastern Ukraine, says UN agency

29 November 2017
As temperatures plummet across eastern Ukraine, many – including the elderly – who fled their homes following hostilities ar...

In Côte d'Ivoire, UN chief spotlights importance of AU-EU strategic partnership

29 November 2017
The importance of regional organizations grows with every decade that passes as they are essential to face the difficult cha...

Venezuela: Systematic Abuses of Opponents

November 29, 2017
(Washington, DC) – The Venezuelan government has systematically used brutal treatment, including torture, against anti-gove...

Libya: Mass Extra-Judicial Execution

November 29, 2017
(Geneva) – Armed groups loyal to Libyan National Army forces (LNA) appear to have summarily executed dozens of men in the L...

Singapore: Drop Case Against Peaceful Protester

November 29, 2017

(Bangkok) – Singapore authorities should drop the case against activist Jolovan Wham for holding three public gatherings...

UN chief 'strongly condemns' latest ballistic missile launch by DPR Korea

29 November 2017
United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres “strongly condemns” the launch of yet another ballistic missile by the Dem...

Antalya: UN-backed fund combatting poverty and hunger across Global South launches annual report

27 November 2017
Three countries at the forefront of South-South cooperation and some $33 million in contributions are helping 15 of the worl...

Partnerships ‘the only way’ to tackle global challenges, says UN industrial development chief

27 November 2017
The Director General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization’s (UNIDO) was reappointed for a second term o...

‘No preconditions’ accepted from Syrian parties, UN envoy says ahead of Geneva talks

27 November 2017
Ahead of fresh intra-Syrian talks on Tuesday in Geneva, the United Nations mediator said Monday that the crisis now has the...

Antalya: Solutions to today’s development challenges exist in the Global South, stresses UN official

27 November 2017
Solutions to today’s critical development challenges exist in the Global South, and every country – large or small, emerging...