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With 'blue helmets' in harm's way every day, peacekeeping reforms and resources needed – UN chief

Photo:The UN held a wreath-laying ceremony honouring fallen peacekeepers in observance of the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers (29...

Countries signed to UN-brokered illegal fishing treaty meet for first time

Photo:Fishermen unload their catch of mackerel at a fish market.

29 May 2017
For the first time since a United Nations-brokered treaty...

UN risk reduction forum in Cancun closes with call to harness data

Photo: The aftermath of an earthquake in Sichuan Province, China, in 2008.

29 May 2017
We can't change nature, but we can be prep...

France: Macron’s Meeting With Putin

Photo:French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, May 21, 2017.

May 29, 2017
(Paris) – President Emmanuel...

Kosovo: UN to create trust fund, following panel report on alleged rights violations by peacekeeping mission

Photo:A family at home in a Roma settlement in Belgrade, Serbia.

26 May 2017
Taking into account an expert panel report on alleged hu...

‘All refugees want to go home someday’ – UNHCR spokesperson and author Melissa Fleming

Photo:Hundreds of refugees and migrants aboard a fishing boat moments before being rescued by the Italian Navy as part of their Mare Nostrum operat...

Civilians in Syria must be spared from anti-ISIL airstrikes – UN rights chief

Photo:A UN convoy drives past destroyed buildings in the old city of Homs, Syria. March 2017.

26 May 2017
The United Nations human ri...

Some 10,000 people fleeing west Mosul every day, UN migration agency warns

Photo:Displaced children in Hammam al-Aleel Camp, among some of the thousands continuing to flee Mosul, Iraq.

26 May 2017
Citing Iraq...

Libya: UN envoy calls on rival groups to immediately halt violence in Tripoli

26 May 2017
Condemning the surging violence in Tripoli, the top United Nations official in Libya called today for an immediate end to fightin...

Formal trade in Africa can improve region, prospects for women – UN agency reports

Photo:Machakos District, Kenya - Kweka farmers group members display how seeds are stored between harvest and the next planting season to ensure fo...