50,000 Martin Luthers Roaring Anti-Illegal Tax throughout Taiwan

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On December 18 and 19, 2017, 50,000 people flowed onto Taipei’s Kelagalan Boulevard, in response to “Taxation Transparency Movement” by the Tax & Legal Reform League. They showed the public anger over Taiwan's chaotic tax system by shouting "Abolish taxation bonuses!", "Refuse tax surplus!", "We are people, not geese to plug!" and "I pay tax, not illegal tax.”

The young delegates questioned that Taiwan’s salary has regressed to that of 17 years ago, and GDP growth rate has dropped 3% in the past 3 years. Why to levy excessive tax for years? Why not return the tax surplus to taxpayers? Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong paid their tax surplus back to people. The young volunteers urged people to fight against injustice through the "Martin Luther" action drama. 500 years ago, Martin Luther put forward 95 theses and openly criticized the Pope in disguise with indulgence to increase tax. It opened the European religious reform. 500 years later, 50,000 Martin Luthers stood up to uncover the extremely tragic and abusive taxation.

The youth launched the “Anti-Tax Extortion” movement and directly held a grand seminar on tax reform in Kelagalan Boulevard through media coverage, webcast and Facebook sharing around. The political program also joined in the discussion. On December 19, the "News Interpretation" invited experts and representatives from the Tax & Legal Reform League to lecture on the program. Chen Zhi-long, chairman of Taiwan Association for Financial Criminal Law Study (TAFCLS), said that 500 years ago, Martin Luther used love to fight against Pope’s indulgence. 500 years later, they used love and care to demolish this "tax"(Nazi) concentration camp that tarnished people! This is a sacred battle! Only justice can break the darkness and welcome the light.

Former legislator Huang Wenling lawyer pointed out that the “Anti-Tax Extortion” movement is for people to see the hope of our country and the youth spoke our voices out. "A penny of an improper tax should be rejected." Businesses are often persuaded to pay over taxes. She found that tax bonuses are the root cause. As long as tax bonuses are abolished, tax officials will not levy improperly. Legislator Zheng Po-ching said that the government taxation should not violate human rights. It is well known that Taiwan's tax system is irrational but it is hard to change the structure of its accomplice. He thanked those who insisted on bravely standing out today. Moreover, he promised to fight for Taiwan's tax human rights together. Legislator Yan Kuan-heng quoted "from the sky to the earth" to describe the tax system: no matter where we are, the tax will follow. He appealed to the Tsai government: if she really wanted to reform, she should aim at the five demands of the Tax & Legal Reform League; otherwise, it was a fake reform. Huang Guo-chang, Chairman of New Power Party, specially rushed to cheer everyone on the spot.

fig. (above) Displaying the "Martin Luther" action drama to encourage Taiwan's citizens to fight for injustice tax collection.
fig. (below) A young fighter calls to fight injustice together.

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