The FOWPAL Cultural Goodwill Delegation (1) Flash Mob at Schloss Belvedere in Austria

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The FOWPAL cultural goodwill delegation has devoted their time and effortsintocultural exchanges for years. With the beauty of culture purity they have been promoting love and peaceandawakeningthe conscience in everyone. They have travelled across the planet,and this time they have visited theheart of Europe, Austria. They sang and danced to deliver the message of peace in the garden of Schönbrunn Palace, second to the Palace of Versailles.

The name of the palace birthed when the Holy Roman Emperor Matthias, discovered a beautiful spring while hunting there, and he exclaimed 'So einschönerBrunnen' (what a beautiful spring), which led to the name, Schönbrunn.

After the FOWPAL delegation learned aboutthe glorious historyof the Habsburgs, theydanced and sang in the gardenof the palace to spread their happy energy. Their performance attracted tourists to join them. Among the touristswere students from the Czech Republic, who joined in to do the"peace dove" hand gesture, which is symbolic of World Peace. They were bonded quickly and were reluctant to say farewell to the FOWPAL members.

After arriving at Schloss Belvedere, the FOWPAL delegation organized aflash mob in front of the lakeand gave blessings to a newly married couple.The delegation and the newlyweds took a photo together with the Era of Conscience Flag. Their singing also touched the heart of an old lady ina wheel chair.She moved towards the membersand satthrough the wholesong. AFrench touristtold the FOWPAL members that he could feel the positive energy through their singing. They chatted with each other and exchanged blessings.

The FOWPAL delegation has successfully brought the message of tranquility and peace to Austria, a country full of beautiful palaces and glorious history. Transcending countries and races is our wish for World Peace. The culturalexchanges of this trip have left another mark "We Are One World”on the beautiful history.

P1: SchönbrunnPalacein Vienna, Austria.
P2: Inspired by FOWPAL members, the students from the Czech Republic sang and danced with FOWPAL delegation and did the "peace dove" gesture, symbolic of World Peace.
P3: Schloss Belvedere in Vienna, Austria
P4: Many tourists were attracted by the singing of the FOWPAL delegation in front of Schloss Belvedere.
P5: One inspired French tourist approached the FOWPAL membersand shared that he could feelthe positive energy through their singing.