GPDN brief report on U.S. State Department to investigate embassy attacks in Cuba

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Jan. 10, 2017

On January 9, the U.S. Department of State announced a formal inquiry into the mysterious attacks on American diplomats and staff members stationed at the Cuban Embassy in 2016, which left 24 Americans in the building injured or seriously ill.

Investigations by the F.B.I. and other federal agencies and medical experts are still ongoing, though the F.B.I. concluded in a report last week that the attacks were not caused by a sonic weapon.

Among the 24 victims of the attacks, some experienced brain damage, fatigues, ear pain, and other serious conditions.
In response, President expelled 15 Cuban diplomats stationed in United States and accused Cuba of being behind these attacks without providing further evidence or details.

Cuba officially denied all responsibilities of the attacks, claiming that its country had opened investigations and found no evidence that showed the country was involved.

Global People Daily News