Interviews of International Tax Reform Alliances - Part 1

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Jan. 20, 2018

Taiwan’s tax system has a big hole that cause taxpayers’ complains from all circles. Since the end of 2017 a big demonstration call for Taxation Transparency at the Ketagalan Blvd, a series of event have been held for this issue and some foreigner organizations are also invited to offer their suggestions. Momentum 107 Hong Kong and Americans for Tax Reform are invited by the Department of the Economic, Feng Chia University, on Jan. 11, 2018 to share their experiences on tax issues. Members of Tax and Legal Reform League are also invited to attend and share at the workshop.

After the workshop, Tax and Legal Reform League interview Christopher Butler, Executive Director of Americans for Tax Reform, and Raymond Ho, founder of Momentum 107 Hong Kong, respectively.

In the interview, Christopher Butler shares his experience in tax cut from the top individual rate at 70, 70% and down to 28%, for the top individual rate, and some of the corporate rates. Especially important to Taiwan’s taxpayers is that they are to make the laws more clear so everyone can understand and follow them. Mr. Butler further suggests to tie the social media with their work to spread the idea, so the general population, but not experts, will understand and be interested in.

In addition to tie with tie things into other contemporary events with media coverages, they also have programs with people on the ground by bus touring around the country. He mentioned that this program had successfully stop Obama’s Health Care Bill to raise tax over trillion dollars.

Though Tax and Legal Reform League was only founded less than one year, Mr. Butler has confidence of their success. He then introduces an organization named “the Bank” in Serbia as an example. “The Bank” is only probably five years old they really had a lot of success in getting some things done. They had gotten a reform through a difficult situation and launched taxpayer days with the tents and had located throughout the city. With the work “the Bank” has achieved in a short period of time, Mr. Butler shows his faith of the favorable outcomes of the Tax and Legal Reform League.

Group photo after workshop, first line from left (1) Raymond Ho, founder of Momentum 107 Hong Kong, (3) Christopher Butler, Executive Director of Americans for Tax Reform

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