Interviews of International Tax Reform Alliances-Part 2

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Jan. 21, 2018

Founded in 2008, the Momentum 107 Hong Kong is the first taxpayer organization in Hong Kong, promoting tax reform actively. The founder and District Council Member, Raymond Ho had a very good experiences of tax reform and offers many suggestions to members of the Tax and Legal Reform League through the interview.

Though a low-tax region, Hong Kong may over-tax for different reason and will return to population. However, Raymond doesn’t think to refund the tax surplus is a good idea, he would rather the government to lower the tax rate. He indicated that lower tax rate would be especially important for Taiwan, to develop international trade in the great China region.

Mr. Ho emphasizes that tax is tied to economic development. He uses Hong Kong’s red wind tax as an example. He indicates that since the government abolished taxed on wine and beer in 2007, Hong Kong was turned into a number two red wine trading market in the world. The next year, 2008, the government eliminated the hotel tax and the hotel rooms were increased from 190 to around 240, which means tourist are more than before.

Photo: Raymond Ho, first from left, taking picture with member of the Tax and Legal Reform League.

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