The War Against Illegal Tax Bills (Part 4) - Against the illegal taxes, we sleep at the Boulevard

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Taipei, December 19, 2017

In the recession, we have surplus tax every year. Many tax victims are desperate because of the illegal tax bills from the Taxation Bureau. One after another, they come to join the Taxation Transparency Movement advocated by Tax and Legal Reform League.

On the evening of December 18, the movement made a first ending with the loud voice of protest. And next came again the activity of Unfair Tax and Sleeping at the Boulevard, which was launched on December 19 last year.

After one day and one night protest, Tseng Chien-yuan (曾建元), a professor of Law at the Chung Hua University, who received a tax bill for his 1 million NT compensation, was cancelled when he returned home. But this is not what the movement wants. They request a fair, justice, and transparent regulation that fit for everyone to follow, but not case by case.

Professor Chen of Taiwan Association for Financial Criminal Study, Dr. Liu of Taxation Justice Youth Group, and lawyer Tsai of Tax and Legal Reform League led the tax victims into the Concentration Camp of Victims of Unlawful Taxation. This activity symbolized the Taxation Bureau as the Nazi Party, which abducted the Jews into the Concentration Camp and killed all of them.

The Taxation Bureau tricked the people and the tax payers into having a never-ending bill and it has absolute administrative discretion to exploit people's property.

Mr. Lin, an old farmer from Changhua, was unsatisfied with the Taxation Bureau's levying excessive farmland tax. He especially came here for one and half days' movement--Taxation Transparency Movement and stayed in the camp to show his rage in mind.

Mr. Hung, a student from Chung Hsing University in Taichung, also came to join the activity of sleeping at the Ketagalan Boulevard. He could not feel hope for future if there were no good taxation system. Therefore he wanted to stand out and spoke for the youth.

Dr. Liu Ming-je said that all the tax victims were all good citizens; he urged all the participants there to form a heart shape and light up the LED lights at hand. These lamps represent hope and brightness, which can light up the dark side of taxation. Let's unite together and hope for a better and more complete system. We also hope that the taxation bureaus can levy tax according to their conscience and don't become the last straw that drags down the economy in Taiwan.

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