The War Against Illegal Tax Bills (Part 5) Strollers Marching

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Taipei, December 19, 2017

According to the Ministry of Justice, in 2016, there were 8.09 million cases of owing taxes or dues pending for compulsory enforcement with the decreasing population and lower wages of Taiwan. Ms. Chang, Wen-Chung, from Tainan, and her husband, Mr. Fu, Mao-Shun take 3 kids without any hesitation of facing difficulties. Mr. Fu said that he has worked for his company for 10 years and still gets the same amount of salary. Moreover, the Individual Income Tax has become higher and there are more and more illegal taxes being issued.

(top) Ms. Huang, Jin-Shun, a judicial officer and her husband are aware of this severe tax and legality issue although they are not victims of taxation. They are busy with work but they still squeeze their time to the movement in by taking high speed rail back and forth between Taichung and Taipei. They come out of justice and with hopes that the environment could be changed and human rights could be exactly practiced.

(middle) Miss Huang, a substitute teacher, her husband with a 3-year-old baby and over 20 relatives and friends from Taoyuan to participate in this social movement. Miss Huang said when there’s no offer from school, she would do a family manual job to help support her family because it fails to maintain a family only with her husband's salary. Last year, she had attended the movement of Tax and Legal Reform Movement at the same site. She told her 6th grade students that citizens had to take the burden of proof for National Taxation Bureau. The students asked why the police, on the other hand, handle the evidence of people's traffic violations. Miss Huang shared with students that people must pay half the amount of money before administrative remedy. The students were astonished.

(bottom) Yuting, a Reform League supportor, said that, in the US, when people get illegal tax bills, they can take steps of administrative remedy with only USD60 and have professional tax judges as spoke people for free. However, in Taiwan, when people receive unlawful tax bills, they have to pay half the amount of the tax bill to rectify the problems. The movement held by Tax and Legal Reform League on Ketagalan Boulevard is aimed at the value of “True Legal and Tax Reform: Saving Taiwan with Conscience. ”

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