The War Against Illegal Tax Bills (Part 6) - Anti-illegal Tax Bill Motorcycle Marching

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Taipei, December 19, 2017

(top) On December 19th, An anti-illegal tax bill motorcycle marching riders gather in front of the President’s Hall regardless the chilling and humid weather asking for the present government to give positive respond to the asking for the taxation human rights, and fix the terrible tax chaos.

(Middle) An anti-illegal tax bill motorcycle marching riders from the members of the Tax and Legal Reform League, have been driven on roads in Taipei City. They carry flags to show their firm action of fixing the terrible problems caused by the National Taxation Bureau. They wish more Taiwanese would stand up for the justice.

(Bottom) When will the justice be fulfilled? When will the government finally stand up to fix the horrible illegal tax chaos? Who will finally find out the conscience and solve those millions of illegal tax bills? One of the motorcycle riders questioned. They gathered here in front of the President’s Hall seeking the President would listen and looking for the government’s answer to the need of people. They wish by their action today, they would help those who have suffered and tortured by the illegal tax bills from National Taxation Bureau of Taiwan. They wish by the efforts from many supporters around in Taiwan, the justice and Tax Human Rights can be fulfilled and accomplished, thus all Taiwanese can be benefited and suffer no more.

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