The War Against Illegal Tax Bills, Tens of Thousands of People fight for Taxpayer’s Human Rights (Part 1)

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Taipei, December 18, 2007

“Safeguard our future. No one is an outsider in the matter of taxation!” The Tax and Legal Reform Leagues holds the “Movement to stop the evil hands that manipulate Taiwan’s finance and taxation” gathering more than tens of thousands of people attend at the Ketagalan Boulevard on December 18 and 19.

Oversea supporters and citizens throughout Taiwan gather and join this civil disobedience movement which calls for “Against the Evil Hands on Tax”, “I pay tax and refuse to illegal tax bill”, “Rectify tax cases of injustice and terminate the never-ending tax bills.”etc.

At the Ketagalan Boulevard, tax victims wearing black and white mask and prisoner’s clothes show their fears that tax officials may hunt them. They strongly protest the tax officials who are immorally “making irresponsible remarks,” or “telling lies, that turns the pure white into dirty black.”

The tax victims take turns to stage and speak out their personal stories. They accuse the National Taxation Bureau of issuing them never-ending tax bills by overusing its administrative power with no evidences. The never-ending tax bills have formed unusual blunders internationally.

Teenagers play a drama to show their disagreement to the government. Victims take off their precious things, symbolizing the deprivation of the National Tax Bureau. The screen LED light on the top of the stage displays the appeal of stopping illegal taxation and requests the government to pay attention on citizen’s pain.

Tseng Chien-yuan (曾建元), a professor of Law at the Chung Hua University, is one of victims of tax bills. His house was set on fire in one night, and lots of his precious stuffs were gone. Since the fire was caused by the fail function of the dehumidifier, the dehumidifier dealer compensated him NT 1,000,000. Nonetheless, the National Tax Bureau treated the compensation as his income and sent him a tax bill. What was worse, he was asked to collect the receipts of all those burned furniture, book, and stuffs when he appealed to the National Tax Bureau to cancel the bill. He said that the National Tax Bureau is immoral. If a professor of Law who knows to appeal receives the kind of treatment, Professor Tseng is hardly to think how the other victims would be treated.

The victims continued to stay at the Ketagalan Boulevard and sleep overnight to demonstrate their determination. The ”movement to stop the evil hands that manipulate Taiwan’s finance and taxation” will reach a peak tomorrow. The Tax and Legal Reform Leagues welcome everyone to join and the support the movement. The participants are suggested to wear clothes with black and white and follow the rule of the organizer.

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