The War Against Illegal Tax Bills, Tens of Thousands of People fight for Taxpayer’s Human Rights (part 2)

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Taipei, December 18, 2017

On the evening of December 18, Tax and Legal Reform League launched a movement to stop the evil hands that manipulate Taiwan's finance and taxation at Ketagalan Boulevard, Taipei. Chilling cold and drizzle cannot stop people's eagerness for tax and legal reform. The boulevard is full of tens of thousands of people, including tax and legal experts, tax victims, young people, etc.

At the end of the boulevard you can see a money mountain and inflatable lobster, goose, and dinosaur each of them is filled with air. The Tax and Legal Reform League said that the taxation bureaus in Taiwan is the best spokesperson of lobsters which symbolizes to Chinese the deafness and blindness of the tax officials, who refuse to listen or see citizens’ appeal for tax assessment and issue the false bills absurdly. Victims have made petition for as long as 30 years, but their tax problems have not solved yet. The Tax and Legal Reform League leads citizens appeal the tax officials not to neglect taxpayer's sorrow.

The former Financial Minister, Chang Seng-he, compared people to geese, and declared publicly that collect taxes are like pluck feathers from goose. The League and the taxpayers gathering at the boulevard tell the tax officials that they are not geese and have no feathers to pluck.

In Taiwan, officials still hold the old ideas of taxation system and don’t care a bit of the reliefs provided by the administrative courts. In other words, there is no taxpayer’s human rights. All these problems show that the tax and legal environment are at the Jurassic Era full of dinosaurs with huge bodies and tiny brains. The officials fail to see civilians’ pain and the poor them can only pray not to be hut.

In the latest four years, the tax bureaus have over collected near 600 billion NT dollars. The tax officials do not inform citizens where the big sum of money goes and refuse to return it back to us as the other countries, such as Greece, did.

Miss Chang, a small-to-medium enterprise manager, invited by her friends in Tax and Legal Reform League and came to attend activity. She had experienced an unpleasant tax inspection by Taxation Bureau. She is worried about her son and daughter’s future and hoped the government can relieve people's pain. So, she invited her children to join the meaningful movement together
Miss Wu's father got a tax of ten million dollars sixty years ago, and their farms, land, cows were all taken away by the Taxation Bureau. Years later, her diligent father and brother get back all their property, but such sorrow is rooted in her heart. Therefore she came to the boulevard for her father and will spend a night at the site.

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