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Human Rights Day: UN officials pledge to advance human dignity, equality and rights

11 December 2017
Top United Nations officials on Monday urged everyone to raise their voices and stand up for the rights of others, while cel...

Security tensions may have deepened rights violations in DPRK, Security Council told

11 December 2017
People’s rights are reportedly violated in “almost every aspect” of their lives in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea...

Violence shuts schools, deprives children of medical care in Syria's East Ghouta, warns UNICEF

11 December 2017
Five of the more than 130 children who require immediate medical evacuation have died as they could not access treatment the...

Drones in the Service of Human Rights

December 11, 2017
Human Rights Watch released a report this month that included, for the first time in our history, photographic evidence col...

Not enough being done to shield civilians from violence in Somalia – UN report

10 December 2017
The armed conflict in Somalia continues to exact a heavy toll on civilians, damaging infrastructure and livelihoods, displac...

Peaceful conduct of elections 'historic moment' for Nepal, says UN chief

9 December 2017
United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has welcomed the holding of the two-phased State and Federal elections and...

'Genocide should not be part of our present or our future,' UN adviser says on day to honour victims

9 December 2017
The United Nations office that coordinates efforts on genocide prevention has launched an appeal for Member States to ratify...

UN political chief, DPRK officials agree Korean Peninsula faces 'most tense and dangerous' situation

9 December 2017
In their meetings this week, the United Nations political chief and senior officials of the Democratic People's Republic...

UN agency begins assisting thousands of West African migrants to leave Libya

8 December 2017
The United Nations migration agency and the Government of Niger welcomed the first 504 people from Libya to Niger, kicking of...

Human Rights Day: UN to launch campaign for 70th anniversary of Universal Declaration

8 December 2017
The United Nations will on Sunday kick off in Paris, France, a year-long campaign to honor the foundational human rights docu...