Typhoon Force hosts Japanese visitors

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Japanese Air Self Defence Force officers has visited 3 (Fighter) Squadron at RAF Coningsby in what is the second visit between the two squadrons following the RAF officers visit to Japan last year.

During their stay, 3 Japanese officers, from the 201st Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) based at Chitose Air Base, on the Northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, have been shown how the RAF uses the Typhoon in its operational capacity as well as gaining an understanding of the synthetic training used by Typhoon pilots.

Wing Commander Cab Townsend, Officer Commanding 3 (Fighter) Squadron said:

“It has been a great pleasure to host our friends from the 201st Fighter Sqn reciprocating the warmth shown to us when we visited Japan last year. This relationship, first established in 1927, remains very strong and this week has presented an opportunity to discuss ideas and share experiences between two very similar fighter units. Indeed, our approach to QRA and the challenges we have faced in the Baltic region have many parallels to how the Japanese perform similar operational activity. We have also taken the opportunity to show our guests a little wider UK culture; BBMF, Lincoln Cathedral and the great British invention, pie and chips!”

Speaking about his visit, Lieutenant Colonel Jun Hamaya, Officer Commanding 201 TFS said:

“I am proud to bring a small team of my officers to the United Kingdom to visit our friends on 3 (Fighter) Squadron    . We fly the F-15J in Japan, in a very similar role to that of the RAF’s Typhoon, so it has been very interesting for us to share ideas and tactics on how this is done in the RAF. Perhaps most importantly is the opportunity to enhance our strong links to RAF Coningsby and I look forward to hosting them back in Japan next year.

UK Ministry of Defence